Thursday, March 06, 2008

Adding Binding to a Quilt

Several weeks ago one of my fellow quilter bloggers asked if I would show (with pictures) how I added my binding. The discussion among several of us was attaching the binding by hand and machine, totally by machine or totally by hand. I use the machine first and then hand sew the back side.

Before we go any farther, this is what works for me. I don't say it is the only way or the best way - but it is how I do it.

First add the binding to the sides of the quilt. Second step- measure the length required for the binding on the top and bottom sides of the quilt. I apply each side separately - not one long continuous strip. After measuring the side - add one inch. Prepare binding by folding wrong sides together and press.
Trim away all but about 1 inch of batting and fabric used for backing. By leaving this small amount I find I can better control it. Then pin the binding down to the top side of the quilt -leaving 1/2 inch hanging over the end at the beginning and the end of the side of the quilt.
This picture shows the 1/2 inch hanging out at the end.

At this time trim the excess batting and backing away.

Fold the floppy leading end over on top of the binding.

Like this...

Fold top of binding down and start pinning in place.

After pinning, use which ever stitch you feel confortable with. Be sure to close the end by sewing it closed.I use what I think is called a blind stitch. It is tiny and becomes well hidden.
These pictures are not the best in the world - but considering my skills and the camera this is how it turned out.


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I think I'll have to give this a try. Thanks for posting the pics...I think it'll be a great help. I really have trouble with bindings. I think I just want the quilt finished so badly that I don't take my time and do a good job of it.....

Moneik said...

I think every one has a different way of doing binding, but it's always good to see what others do. I may have to post pictures when I do mine as it's completely different. Thanks for sharing the pictures and how you do yours.

Norma said...

You do your binding the same way I do. I have never left the half inch of backing and batting when I sewed it on with the machine though so I think I will try that next time. Some times my bindings go on so nice and other times.....grrrrr. I enjoy hand stitching the binding down. Great feeling when you put in those last few stitches and you are DONE!!

Your pictures are fine!

julieQ said...

I do mine a little differently, and greatly enjoyed your tutorial. The quilt police are tough on bindings around here!! The hand-stitching of the binding is a great peace-maker for me.

jillquilts said...

Thanks for sharing! You did a great tutorial!