Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some Scrappy Sewing

After completion of a large-queen size quilt (yet to be quilted) I had strips, flying geese, squares, four patch, etc left over. Always like to have small lap size or baby/youth size quilts in my stash. So created this one...creation is the word. No real pattern - just a bit here and a bit there. The colors are so vibrant - really a joy to sew on during these dreary cold winter months. In this picture you get a better idea of part of the fabric used.
Just a fun, quicky and scrappy quilt.


Norma said...

Now that is my kind of quilt! I love the bright colors and you are right about them helping get you through the gloom of winter.

Now, you made up the design, send it to a magazine and make some bucks! It is just as nice as anything I have seen in the books lately.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

How cute! I love how bright and happy it is. Great job!
Regina in MI

bj said...

This is a cute quilt. I taught myself to do SIMPLE quilting like the 9 Patch and etc but nothing fancy. I've made a few but decided I LOVE making the tops, but not the quilting. My mom was so good at it and made works of art.
hugs, bj

Regina said...

I love these "fly without a pattern" quilts- they are the best!

The colors are WONDERFUL, too!

bj said...

I have made a few quilts...only the very, VERY simple ones like Patchwork and have ALWAYS had trouble with the binging. Thanks for showing me how to do this. Only problem....I am not sure what a blind stitch is. Guess I can look it up on the net, tho.
I love this bright, simple quilt...
hugs, bj