Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Years ago, and I mean years ago I made this wreath. Maybe some of you remember how it was made. Using pinked edges of 4 x 4 fabric and sticking them in a straw wreath until the wreath was completely covered. This is made in a heart shaped wreath. I made different ones for the different holidays - used appropriate colors and embelishments for the occasion.

I came across these (I have two of them) the other day and figured why not put them out. I hung one on the front door where it can be seen from the outside. This picture is the one hung inside the house - going out the back door. This shows a close up of the cute little bear.
Will probably leave these up for the month...then might put up some Easter stuff.

As you can tell, I like to decorate for each season. I do it for me - I enjoy it!

Just a tidbit of info: For about 14 years I was single so Valentines Day was just another day. Been very happily married to my sweet man for 10 years now - and loving him more each day. The Lord knew when to put him in my life as I certainly was not out there looking for a boyfriend - let alone a husband. However, friends to both of us, brought us together. Had a blind date with him - and the rest is history.


Kristie said...

Love the wreath!! Your story is so sweet! I feel the same way about Richard. I wasn't looking but knew if I ever did find anyone they would have to be a good person to me and my son! I couldn't ask for a better hubby than I have!!!

Moneik said...

What a sweet story! I love the wreath. My b-day is Valentine's Day, so I have always loved the holiday. Now I just have to find a card that says fiance, just for this year so it is a special card.

Norma said...

I remember those wreaths, my DD made one for Christmas, I think. Your really give you a holiday feeling and now that the Christmas rush is long gone, we need something like that to brighten up things.

Love stories like that are my favorite. My mother would say that the Lord looked down on you and you weren't doing anything about being alone so he did it for you with that blind date. I like feeling that is what happened. We are lucky ladies to have good men who love us.

bj said...

Your wreath is precious. and your love story is romantic.
hugs, bj