Friday, February 01, 2008

Cherry Limeade

There may be snow outside and the temperature down to almost nothing - but I am dreaming of summer.

The colors of the lime and hot pink remind of a Sonic cherry limeade. This is the first block I made using this pattern. I see several mistakes in probably will not use it in the quilt - but it can be my pattern. This design is called "Quatrefoils" from the "Quilterscache" website.

It seems like it has been weeks since I have sewn anything. Felt good to slide back into the chair sitting in front of the sewing machine once again.

I am fortunate in the fact I have one room that is dedicated to crafts. Primarily it is for sewing - but when I do "scrapbooking" I sit up a table in there too. What is nice, I can leave everything up and ready for the next time I need it, walk out and close the door behind me if I want.


Moneik said...

That's a really pretty block! Reminds me of summer too.

Kristie said...

I love your choice of fabrics. I have the flowered print and I wondered what to use with it, so now I love your color choices. I think it looks very Springy! Very nice block. Can't wait to see more of it.

bj said...

I love the colors!
Wanted to say my posting page has worked all day...thanks to you.
Thank you again for helping me.
hugs, bj

Norma said...

It is time for some hot colors....I am tired of winter blah! i love Sonic cherry lime aide with lots of ice!

I have a sewing room too, but it doubles as a guest bedroom. Good thing we don't have many guests!

Deb (vtquilter) said...

I don't see any mistakes in it - I think it looks great! Nice and bright colors. I have a craft room too! It is so nice not having to 'pick up' when done!