Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First One ~ 2008

First one of this year - yes, I machine pieced it in 2007 and started the hand quilting. Completion date is 2008. This is one of those small type quilts that don't take as long as some of the others.

The finished size is 50" X 47" - just the right size for a lap quilt. Or better yet, snuggling a baby girl in it. It is strictly a scrappy quilt as I had the fabric and most of the squares left over from a large quilt (one that I am hand quilting now). So there really is not any pattern or method to my madness...just sort of grabbing and sewing. The quilt contains 768 cut pieces (not including the binding).

This picture is some what dark - but you can see the heart I quilted into each corner.

If you enlarge this picture you can see the quilting much better since it is on the back side. I know there is a lot of discussion - mostly against - about using a sheet for the backing. I agree it has some drawbacks. But for me, I prefer it. I do like the back side to look nice also.
Oh, by the way, as with most quilts I name them...this one is "Rambling Raspberry". The colors reminded me of them.


Kristie said...

That, Amelia, is beautiful! I admire you for handquilting. I have to admit, handquilting is so much more prettier.

I think the back looks very nice. I also use sheets. The only time that I don't use a sheet is if I can't find the color that I need.

Hazel said...

Your hand quilting is lovely ,how long did it take you to quilt it ? I've always thought about using a sheet but everyone says it would be hard to hand quilt through ,is it ? Oh the quilt is very pretty to .

Norma said...

I love the colors, and the name. Your hand quilting is wonderful, I envy your patience!

I am looking forward to seeing the big one if this is left overs! Is there a baby in line for this one?

jillquilts said...

Very pretty! I agree with you - I like the back to be pretty, too. I like mine to match a fabric on the front though. Great job on the quilting!