Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Leon's Latest

As much as Leon enjoys being retired he feels like he can not just sit in the recliner with feet propped up and a ready finger on the remote. Recently he purchased a large stack of landscape timber for some fun projects. He primarily wanted them to make large flower pots.

On Christmas eve he decided our yard needed these large reindeer to make our yard look more festive. If you look real close you can see the "antlers" on the large one. Of course, the small one had to have the beginning of a rack...look at his little nubbies. Later on, after the wood has seasoned he wants to paint them ~ perhaps add some more details such as eyes, tail etc. Looking towards the road -
These are the flower pots he has been making. He has given quite a few to friends and family. He would like to sell them...if he could find some buyers. He really wants to sell them for about $30.00 - cost of the lumber and screws that goes into making them is not cheap. This price really does not take into consideration his labor involved.


Kristie said...

Those are so cute! He really did a great job!

Halcyon said...

The reindeer are very cute. I bet you'll have everyone in the neighborhood after you to make some for their yards too!