Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hotel Business Expanding

The housing market may be down but our hotel business is growing.

Hotel housing for birds that is! Enjoying watching the birds as we do, we have several different styles of bird houses scattered about on our property. We spend a small fortune buying feed for them - but that is okay as we enjoy watching them so much.

To add to our collection this year grandson (age 3 1/2) Max gave us one. The house was put together by his dad Tony. However, all the painting and selection of colors were handled by Max.
Grandpa thought it should go in the back yard - where we could get a better view of it at all times.

Holly and Tony had made this sign for us several Christmas'es ago. We figured this would be an appropriate location for the new addition.
This picture can give you an idea as to how it looks in relation to the other things at the "Hotel".

Call soon for reservations ~ and yes, credit cards are accepted!


Kristie said...

I think your new birdhouse is so precious! You will think of him everytime that you look at it. Hunter and I feed the birds all Winter. Seems like we have have a ton of birds that stay around here, I think it is because of all of the horse feed and stuff. I think they are so relaxing to watch.

bj said...

Cute, cute birdhouse! I love feeding the birds. If you will notice on my birthday posting, I received a beautiful, new bird bath...can't wait for spring so I can add water to it and watch the birds playing in it.
Thanks for the warm birthday wishes.
hugs, bj

Renee said...

Just love your birdhouses and your yard! I'm sure the birds to too!!

jillquilts said...

Cute hotels! I love the sign, too!