Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Continuation of Lawn Tractor Problem...

Last Tuesday I called about the tractor and was told there was an o- ring on order and the service dept. was expecting this part just any day now. They said as soon as it was fixed they would call me.

No phone calls....

So today we just made an appearance at the store. I think this really surprised them. Got the same story - the part was on order. I explained I heard that song and dance last week and I was not happy. Then got to speak to a "higher up" and she said the part was actually on back order from Cub Cadet...but they had placed an order with another company. Shipment would be in the next day or so.

Leon asked them how much they would allow on the new mower if we traded it in on still another mower. Of course, not the full amount we paid for it...would have to take a $500.00 loss. No way, he said !

On the good side they did offer our choice of two loaner mowers to use in the meantime. That sounds great...but this offer was made while it was pouring down rain. More rain is expected...so the grass can just grow more.

Stay in touch for the next chapter on this saga!

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bakinbabe said...

HOW FRUSTRATING!! Where is the "service" in customer service? And it really makes you wonder....had they really already ordered it from another company, or did they do that after you left?....Or was any of that even true? You just expect more, especially on a big ticket item like that, and for it to be so new and break. Grrrrr!