Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Welcome to my Garden

The okra is producing like crazy now. It requires picking just about every day. The tomatoes are in a "green" spell just now. We have lots of green ones on the bushes and more blooms - but we have had many red ones in the past few weeks. Now we are getting ripes ones about every other day.

Shy strawberry peeking out at the camera!

Leon mows with the big tractor about every two weeks. With the heat being so high things are not as green as earlier in the summer.

The okra is blooming profusely!

Beautiful okra blossom.

Looking at the tomato vines. All of them were supposed to be the same variety...but look at that little one in the middle. It has produced quite well in spite of it's shortness.

The lettuce has gone to seed.

Crookneck squash---have we ever enjoyed it fried this summer!

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