Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Meal

This "Happy Meal" is not the kind from McDonalds as one would think. This one was a meal we got to share with Max and his parents this past Saturday. On a spur of the moment trip to OKC we went by the Emig home for a short visit. Since we did not give them much notice we were coming it was only fair to take them out to eat - especially since we arrived at lunch time. Leon was wanting breakfast so he selected IHOP...that was okay with everyone as the menu covers a wide area of food items.

Max and I gave the camera a big grin as we were coloring the child's menu.
Max ordered the "Happy Face" pancake.


eonyc said...

Holy cow--I want a happy face pancake, too!!!

bakinbabe said...

That looks like fun. Spur of the moment things can be the best times!