Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Front Yard Changes

Another yard change! This shows the trees after their trim.

Leon had been wanting to trim the trees in the front yard for some time. Yesterday was the perfect morning to tackle this job. The temperature was still in the 70's (of course the time was early early morning) and the wind was blowing from the south...these elements provided an ideal time.

One tree is an ornamental crab apple tree and the other is a berry-less mulberry tree. Both of the trees are about 35 years old (give or take on the number of years.)

We decided to only cut what we could reach from the ground. We are smart enough to realize two older people have no business climbing in trees or on a tall ladder with a power saw in hand. Calling a professional tree trimmer would have been the answer if your income would allow such.

During the process!

One limb we hauled out of the yard with the pickup. The rest we hooked up to the golf cart and hauled them out in the pasture. They will be hauled further away in the next day or so.

See this bare ground. Well. we are going to enlarge the current rocked area to include this area. We have tried various grass seeds, fertilizer and lots of water...but the grass just will not grow there. In fact, weeds won't even grow.

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bakinbabe said...

Hey, about that ladder climbing remark....My dad resembles that remark! LOL