Sunday, July 22, 2007

Watkins's Garden

The rains have gone away...hopefully they come back to visit from time to time. Now the sun is shining and the temperature is reaching upward. For the most part the garden is loving this weather. The squash may overcome all the rain and produce a lot...but for now the "pickins" are slim for this vegetable. The one cucumber hill is doing quite well. Have probably got 10-12 cukes from the vines so far. I have really been enjoying them sliced with onion soaking in a vinegar/water bath (plus a pinch of sugar). The okra is really getting with the program now and producing like crazy. Of course, okra loves hot and dry weather. Have given some away - but since I have used all that was in the deep freeze I will be putting up many bags for winter consumption.

The tomatoes are great...both in taste and production. We have been eating them practically every meal.
Yesterday Leon set up the various soaker hoses for each row in the garden. Now, with the turning of one knob all of the garden (including the strawberries) will be getting a drink of well water. He also has it fixed where he can turn off one row if need be and water the rest.

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