Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fishing and Family equals "FUN"

This past Tuesday Leon and I headed to Lake Eufaula to spend a couple of days with family. Larry and Melissa had picked up Junior, Kylie and Rowdy the evening before and drove to the Geyer cabin. Just like two kids we could not sleep on Monday night-so at 3:30 Tuesday morning we got up and around. Did the necessary things to get car ready, cats fed, packed up and headed out about 4:15. The Geyer cabin is owned by Don and Erma Geyer - they are Melissa's parents.

We used the Geyer's pontoon boat...Larry had taken his bass boat but all of us could not ride in it at one time. He did take the grandchildren for a ride on Monday evening...which thrilled them completely.

I rode at the back of the boat most of the time. At the highest speed (which is not very much) this is the amount of water that is kicked up by the motor/boat.

Larry drove the boat - also unhooked most all of the fish that were caught. He played fishing guide all the time.

Getting ready to take the boat out again after lunch.

At the Geyer cabin their land is as close to the water as you can get. It is still quite aways from their property to the water - but no one can build between them and the water. Melissa and Kylie checking out the view.

One of the many fish that Leon caught.

Oh, yes I caught my share also.

Grandson Rowdy showing off one caught during the trip.

Junior - undoubtedly had more fun than anyone. Also he probably caught more fish than anyone. His birthday was Wednesday...he turned nine.

Larry getting ready to unhook one of the fish that Kylie caught.

Melissa didn't do any fishing. Larry did a small amount on the second day. The fish were really biting on the first day...second day was fair. I am sure in the two day period there were 80 to 100 fish caught. We did not keep any of them. We caught small ones but also plenty that would have been "keepers". The boat was crowded with all the people - so keeping the fish until they could be cleaned would have just added to shortness of space.

All of us had lots of fun...but at the end - Wednesday -all of us were super tired.

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