Wednesday, June 06, 2007


When you hear the name "Bonanza" you probably think of the Cartwright family. Rightfully so, as this was a very popular television show of years gone by. However, to us we are reminded of the Goodnight family...Uncle Lloyd and Aunt Jewel. Uncle Lloyd has gone on to walk and talk with God. Aunt Jewel is still a resident of Bonanza, Arkansas. Uncle Lloyd was Leon's mother's brother. He had been married before and had children...Aunt Jewel had been married before and raised four children. Both of their spouses were deceased before they married. They were married over 25 years when Uncle Lloyd passed away.

This small sleepy town is south of Fort Smith. It is definitely not a town of many businesses. The one service station has closed. We did see a bank there - but I do believe that was the only business in town. In fact, there is not even a school. In case of fire there is a fire department manned by volunteer firemen. Aunt Jewel's son was the mayor for some over two years. He left that position because of the bickering of two women on the city council. Nothing seemed to please them. He said he had better things to do with his life than listen to two women who constantly were on some kind of tirade. This sign is on the highway as you enter town from the North. The bank is farther down the road to your right.The Cartwright family had their "Ponderosa" farm...well the Goodnight family has their own little farm. Aunt Jewel owned quite a few acres back years ago...but has sold most of it. Her little house sits on about 1 1/2 acres. She has lived in the house 64 years this coming November. Over the course of time improvements have been made. Her garage is empty now as she got rid of her car several months ago. At her age of 91 her children and she thought it was time to cease the driving. Two of her children live real close - so some one can take her to church or the doctor. As far as shopping is concerned she lets the kids do it. She uses a cane about 90% of the time to get around now. Her hearing has also gotten a bit worse over the last several years.
On the left is Lorene (Leon's sister), then Aunt Jewel -to the right is Leon.

Breakfast time! We had bacon, scrambled eggs, biscuits and a variety of jams and jellies. Plenty of hot coffee or milk was also available.
Aunt Jewel lives alone. She wears one of those medical alert things around her neck. All in all she gets around great for some one her age. She still enjoys cooking when people are visiting. Believe me, you will not go away from her place hungry.

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Emig Family said...

I can't imagine living in one place for 64 years.

She seems like a really neat lady. I'm glad you guys got to visit her.