Thursday, March 22, 2007


Why am I happy? Many reasons...none of them are earth shattering...but small things in life bring a smile to my lips.

Right now - seeing all the flowers in bloom in my yard. The redbud trees are so pretty swaying left and right in the wind (and the wind has been blowing so hard for the past several days). The wild plum trees with their white blossoms stand out so much against the gray color of the surrounding trees. The pear tree in the south yard is in full bloom and with their petals fallng to the ground it looks like snow on the gradually greening grass. We have an ornamental crab apple tree in the front that is in full bright pink bloom.

I have been sewing quite abit for the past several days. With having three new great grandbabies to be born this year I will be making each of them a baby quitl. The size will be around 41 X 51 (or maybe a bit larger). I am also doing the hand quilting on a queen size quilt that will be used in the other bedroom. I will also make curtains, dust ruffle and throw pillows to coordinate with the quilt when I am thru with it. I will probably be thru with the hand part in about a month.

Probably the best thing I am giddy about it that Leon has just a few more days before he retires. He is gradually bringing things back home from his apartment. This week end he is bringing his TV and microwave that really just leaves his bed (and the cleaning items he will need to clean the apartment). A couple of weeks ago his company had a hamburger cook out at the terminal for him and another guy that also retired this month. Then 3 other fellow employees pooled some money together and got him a new rod and reel. I have several tulips in blooom now. The colors are red, yellow and orange.
This is the peach tree in the north yard. To me it reminds of a bonsai tree with its shape now. It is an old tree and several branches broke in the last few years from the weight of the peaches and the Oklahoma wind. These are grape hyacinth plants-little but gorgeous.

I have moved my plants from the garage to the patio - hopefully we are past any freezing weather. All of but two of them made it fine during the winter. Those two may green out - but now they are just stems. Today I bought 18 strawberry plants to add to the ones in my garden. Also purchased 6 ornamental sweet potato plants. I know I want to plant one on either side of the driveway in the new planters that Leon made several months ago. Have not decided where I will put the other 4. All we have in our garden now is 400 to 500 onions that we planted about 3 weeks ago. Won't be long until we put out tomato plants though.


eonyc said...

I would love to be able to see and smell those blooms every day!! : )

M & K said...

I heard there may be snow in parts of Oklahoma this weekend. Hope that doesn't hurt your plants and flowers!

Congrats to Leon for retiring! Hope he's putting his rod and reel to good use.