Friday, December 01, 2006

"Snow in the Country"

Not that I am an expert on how much snow we received - but it appears we got around 7 to 8 inches. Some drifts are two feet or more deep.
This little decorated tree was on the side of the well house - with the howling strong wind it came loose and fell to the ground. Actually now it looks more appropriate here - so will probably just leave it.

News flash: Leon made it down to Dallas and back last night...took him just over 14 hours. He got stuck in the truck yard in Tulsa and they had to pull him out onto the highway so we could begin his run. He just now called me and said the roll back tonight would be 2 hours - the normal roll back on time for Friday night is 1 hour. That means he won't leave Tulsa until 8:00 - provided everything is going according to the way it is supposed to be. At this point, no telling when he will be here at home tomorrow.

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