Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Party 12-17-06

Each year before Christmas we have all our children and grandchildren here for a wonderful time of fun, gifts and food. However, the best part is just having everyone here ! This year there were 19 of us gathered together. Those attending were: Larry, Melissa, Leanne, Robyn, Kyle, Holly, Tony, Max, LaRanda, Donnie, Emily, Dillon, Kylie, Rowdy, and Junior. Leon's sister Lorene was in from California - so she came and brought one of her daughters - Jelessa.

For the past several years I have selected little gifts (DollarTree type) and attached a number to the package. Everyone would then draw a number and would get the corresponding gift. Before opening the gift in the past we have discussed best Christmas experience or what we were thankful for. This year I selected some jokes (nothing off color-just children type-we are all kids at heart) and put these jokes (with the punch line or answer) on a card with a number. When a gift was selected that person read the joke from their card. We had many laughs with this. A prize was presented to the best child, woman, and man for the best presentation of their joke. I don't think any of us will be a stand up comedian at Comedy Central in NYC - or any other place like that. But that is not the point - we all enjoyed it. Leanne holding Max and reading his joke to Kyle.
LaRanda is taking it all in as Tony looks at his gift. Looks like I was checking it out too. The three stooges (female type) perhaps. No it is Melissa, Lorene and yours truly.

Larry going into deep discussion with his joke contribution to Leanne. Looks like Leanne is just ignoring him.
It must have been real funny as Rowdy and Jelessa are smiling - big time!

After this entertainment we opened our gifts and then ate and ate and ate. No one was counting calories at this time.

Oh yes, there were other pictures of everyone else...I just picked these at random.


Emig Family said...

Good times!

Renee said...

I love the ideas for your party games!! Sounds like you all had a lot of fun!