Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Christmas Tour

Here are a few of our Christmas decorations - wish you here to actually see them. This snowman greets everyone at the front door.
This year we did not hang any lights from the roof as it hurts Leon's arms too much to reach up like that. .. plus he does not want me on a ladder. So we just used the ones that go in the yard - such as these. They look much better in person.
Red poinsettas is one of my favorite items to use in decorating at Christmas. I use them over and over in most of my "creations". Color wise - I stick to red, green, gold and some white. To me, these are the true Christmas colors. Other people probably think their blue and silver or mauve and pink are their favorite selections..."to each his own " as the old saying goes. Anyway, this is the layout on top of my server in the dining room.
The coffee table carries on with the colors and items I prefer.
This fall Leon has started making these flower pots from landscape timber. I have one on each side of my driveway. So instead of just letting them stand empty now I added the greenery and flowers.

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