Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas Tour Continued

Here are some more of my Christmas creations. This is on the door going to the patio. The container is one I bought at a Southern Living home party about three years ago. It is metal and has a distressed appearance. You really can't tell from the picture though.
This arrangement has graced our dining room table now for several years. Later on I will add a red table cloth.
This is on the back side of my kitchen cabinets (above the bar).
View of part of the patio. There are several decorations out there...not that anyone going down the road can see them...but I sure enjoy the view from my picture window.

The mantle is all decked out too. This wreath is one we received as a wedding present from a dear sweet lady at church. Yes, those are lemon trees. They stay out on the mantle all year round. They too were a gift from a wonderful lady I used to work with. They appear to be real yellow looking here but they are really an antique color of yellow. I received them about 20 or plus years ago. This lady made them as she was heavy into ceramics at the time. Through the years they have moved from one area to another. Last year in a catalog from a leading dept. store I saw them with a comment, "new from France"...I chuckled and thought well I am way ahead of what is new to them.

I have many other Christmas decorations scattered about..including my collection of Santa Claus figurines I have received from family and friends - plus I have purchased some. They are the inexpensive kind - but each one is different

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Renee said...

Thanks for the tour...your house looks very festive! I really like the southern living container :)