Friday, July 07, 2006

Rock Garden

This is the latest change to our yard. In this area - because of so much shade from the car port and the house grass just did not grow like we wanted. I suggested to Leon we just make it into a rock garden - which he thought was a great idea. That way no more watering, fertilizing, mowing or weed eating. Of course, with us practically any project requires a trip to Lowe's for supplies. The area is 6 foot wide and 21 feet long. Yes, it has required many sacks of river rock.

This picture shows Leon hard at work in getting the outside blocks lined up just right. We put plastic down so weeds or grass will not come up. Each bag of rocks weighs about 40 pounds and so far we have put down 70 bags.

Project was completed in just a couple or so hours.

The decorating part has taken us some time to do though. We wanted a large rock to put in the middle area. But so far have not found a place here in our area to purchase one. The last place we got our large rocks has gone out of business. I know we could go to OKC and get one - but we haven't yet. At this point I just picked up some rocks out in the pasture and added them. This wire rooster is one we got from a small antique/junk store several years ago when we were in Kansas. It is made from different sorts of wire, washers, and rebar.

Last Monday we drove to Savannah as there were a couple of places Leon goes by on his way from Tulsa to Dallas each night that has antiques. We purchased the two iron wheels at one of the stores. The owner said the wheels had come from Kentucky and she thought they had been on a hay mowing machine. Didn't find anything at the other location that caught our eye. The tractor seat was also an item we got while on vacation a couple of years ago. It had been in the back yard near my water feature. I move things around in the yard - like moving things around in the house.

The wooden wheel hubs are two of the ones that Tony gave us a couple of years ago. They had come from Kansas many, many years ago.


Renee said...

Very nice...I like the idea of low all it needs is a cactus :)

Emig Family said...

That looks great! Good job, you guys.

Sherri said...

I noticed something different the other day when I came home from work. I LOVE IT!!! That is a great idea. It looks great. Your yard is so beautiful!!!!