Friday, June 02, 2006

A Mini Garden Tour -

This is the north side of my house. This area contains hostas, four-o-clocks, and a hydrangia. The very tall vine is wild and grows there every year.To the left of the picture - shows some begonias in a flower box that Leon made last year. Further to the left are iris's that bloomed so pretty earlier. There are two kinds of ground cover also in this bed. One is called is pennywort (or something like that) and the other is of the sedum family - name unknown to me.

The rose of sharon bush at the SW corner of the house has just started blooming this week. It will continue blooming until late fall.

This is a view of the east from the back porch. The pond is so red because of the rain we have received the past two days.

This pot sits on the front porch and holds two colors of geraniums. This past Christmas Holly and Tony gave us two identical flower pots for part of our gifts. This is one of the pots. The other pot also contains same two colors of geraniums.

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