Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Furry Felines

Meet Tramp...he requires and most of the time demands more love and attention than our other two cats. This picture of him was taken as I was preparing to wrap Max's birthday present. I had just left the room to get something and upon my arrival I found a "cat in the box". As with anything out of the ordinary he has to give it his tour of inspection. The reason he is named Tramp was that he was found at the side of the road-begging for food and a home. Even though we had two other cats we could not deny this little furry baby our love. This was nearly three years ago. My, how he has grown in that period of time.

This shows all three in probably their most favorite place to sleep...my bed. Touche, the one on the left is the "Grand Lady" of the trio. She is nearly 14 years old and does not have much to do with the other two. Ignoring them is one thing she does quite well. Stormy (gray and white) and Tramp play just like kids with each other. Playing chase through the house or a good wrestling match always seems to give them much fun.

As with most cats, mine sleep more than anything else. No, they never go outside. All three have their front claws removed. They view the outside world while perched on the window sills.

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eonyc said...

LOVE the cat photos! I haven't seen Touche in years--she still looks gorgeous!