Monday, March 28, 2011


I have been yanked, tugged, pulled, and smashed almost to the point of screaming.


Reason: Mammogram

Having had cancer in both breasts in the past I always dread having the mammogram. However, I faithfully go through this pain and torment each year…pain from the machine and the torment in not knowing if they will find something.


I will find out tomorrow – after some lab work…sure hope the nurse is able to find the vein easily. My veins oft times will roll and they are punching wildly. After lab. will see my cancer doctor…she is a sweetie!


When did you get your last mammogram? They are a must for us ladies!


Hazel said...

So true ,lets see I'm due in May. Good luck hope you get good results .

Mama Koch said...

I had mine last week! I also had a bone density test done for the first time. My insurance pays a big chunk of it, so I'm thinking it wouldn't hurt to be tested.
My Mom and my Dad's Mom both died of breast cancer...yes, it's very important to get tested!

Michelle said...

I have mine in less than two weeks. I'm a good girl. Praying you can relax until you hear the results. Think positive!

Jen said...

I started this about eight years ago and have gotten one yearly ever since. I had to have a stereotactic biopsy one year - (negative result).
Prayers for you for good results.

bj said...

I didn't know you are a breast cancer survivor, Amelia. You are blessed...and I will pray your test comes out just fine. Mine is due in July...every year...would NEVER miss. I hate the disease with a purple passion. We don't have it in our family anywhere but I know it has to start somewhere.
xo bj