Monday, October 18, 2010

Pine Cone Purchase

During the yard sale adventures on Saturday I purchased a box of pine cones for $2.00. There some large ones, a few medium sized and lots of little ones. The small ones are about the size of my thumb.


I have several old old grapevine wreaths that were weathered as they had been outside for a number of years. Most of them have had a variety of things glued to them at one time or the other. After cleaning off the old glue I proceeded to decorate a couple of them.


Here is the first one:100_4697 It is now on the back porch – have not fully decided where I am going to hang it. I would like to get some ribbon with fall colors and tie on it.  Then at Christmas I can go with a red/green or what ever color to put on it.

100_4705Some of them look almost like flowers – and you know much I like flowers – look for a posting of my flowers in the next few days.


This is a much smaller wreath:


This one is not very round – seen too much out door weather I suppose. It is placed on the front porch for the time being…final resting place is unknown.


Because the wreaths and the pine cones were rather dull looking I gave both of them a few blasts from the paint can. The color is a hammered copper.


I still have a large number of pine cones left…but they are the small ones. Hopefully I can go to Michaels on Saturday and get another small grapevine wreath.  I still have large ones – but not enough pine cones to cover it


I only burned myself once with hot glue….I thought that was a miracle considering the amount of glue sticks I used in the process of these wreaths.


Enjoy the week ahead – we are supposed to get some rain! Plus grandson is coming for a few days during his fall break…Grandpa and I are doing the happy dance!




Hazel said...

Very pretty ,I remember my daughter making me one ,we also made trees about a foot and 1/2 high out of them .They looked lovely on the mantel at Christmas .

Amanda said...

Your wreaths look lovely Amelia, I love to see the things you get up to with your seasonal decorating.

Suzan said...

The pine cone wreaths look great. I love the copper paint you used. It really gives them a nice "finished" look!

Marilyn said...

Happy dance for sure!! That will be fun. We haven't heard from ours but that could happen. I love the pinecone wreaths. Both are so pretty. I want to go yard sale shopping with you! You find some bargains. That was a lot of pinecones for $2. We don't have any rain in the area yet but that could happen. It looks like a lot of the state already has had some. Have fun with your grandson.

Michelle said...

Your wreaths are beautiful. Enjoy your visit with grandson, and have a great week!

Michelle said...

Ohhhhhhhhh, it's only Tuesday, isn't it? Ok, so have a great Tuesday, and a great WEEK!

Chris said...

You're right, Amelia. Some of them DO look like flowers! What a beautiful wreath!