Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Added Fall Decoration

100_4568 I try to come up with ideas of using the "Cricut" machine - that is other than in scrapbooking. These pictures are just lightly stuck to the plate - so no problem in removing them. Oh, there maybe some glue residue left - but WD-40 will handle that.



100_4572 If the plates look is my camera shot...they are actually positioned in the plate frame correctly.

I am enjoying the cooler weather - seems like fall now!



Marilyn said...

I love those plates! They are some of the cutest decorations I've seen. Yup, fall, finally. Enjoy

Hazel said...

What a cute idea ,what have you been doing with your wagon outside ? It hasn't decided if its fall or summer here ,one day its 85 the next 50 ,crazy weather .

Amanda said...

What a clever idea. You'll be able to change the decoration for each season.

Michelle said...


Valerie said...

What a cute idea! I love it.

bj said...

O, Amelia...these plates are adorable. So so cute...I love anything different at this time of year and these are different and so sweet.
Now, I have to go back and read those things about you. :))