Thursday, July 15, 2010


My wonderful husband tries to have fun in what ever task is before him.

Each morning he makes his bed - the arrangement of the throw pillows are usually different from day to day.

This morning they were different than ever before!100_4132 This arrangement will never be one that will be popular in any of our decorating magazines...nor do I think Bed and Bath, Pottery Barn or Ballard's will show that in their "New Fall Design". My husband is one of a kind and I love him so much.


PS: And you ask why the separate bedrooms - in order for both of us to get a good nights sleep it must be done in separate that does not mean we don't have "visiting" privileges between the two rooms.


Marilyn said...

Hilarious. Leon must have a real funny bone. Ha

LOVE the new header! It is just perfect.

I hope you aren't tooooooo hot there.

I know what you mean about the good night's sleep. My parents and grandparents had to sleep in separate beds. I can sleep through anything so Mike can just snore away. Ha Love the pillow humor. Marilyn

Suzan said...

Amelia! You made me laugh out loud (visiting privileges indeed!) What a sense of humor Leon has!!

Stacey said...

My husband does that too! Mine does it just to bug me. :)

Michelle said...

Louie sounds just like Leon. He may have the body of an adult, but he is still a little boy inside, all full of piss and vinegar..and that is why I love him so much. Thanks for sharing!

Hazel said...

Leon is one funny fellow I can just see you walking in the room and saying "what the heck "LOL You got to love him .

Darlene said...

That pillow arrangement is TOO funny!! No I don't think it will make any magazine. At least he MAKES the bed!!!!!

Hope you are staying cool!♥

Jen said...

HA! What a jokester!

Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G said...

...."visiting privileges!!!" ...that is too funny! LOL! Love that quilt, btw! :)

Missed you! Sounds like all has been well with you! :) And your flowers below are beautiful! Mine are trying to hold in our record heat and humidity!

Thanks for you encouraging words on my new blog! :)

Amanda said...

Thank goodness for men with a sense of humour! Leon sounds great fun. And we know what you mean about separate bedrooms, DH snores and wakes me up; I thrash about and wake him up; so we're with you on the separate bedrooms.

Janera said...

Oh, Girl. I laughed so hard when I saw this that Electric Man stepped over to see what was so funny. I said, "Her husband made the bed," and showed him the pic, but he still didn't see what was funny.

At least he put the throw pillows on the bed, right? Gotta give him credit where it's due.

Halcyon said...

We don't have any throw pillows on the bed. But I think this arrangement is quite funny. You are lucky to have a man like Leon. Laughter is so important!

PS: Have you ever looked at the Random Hearts blog? I just know you would be good at finding hearts as you are such a big-hearted lady. :)

Marie said...

Loved your flower postings. I had to laugh about your husband's arrangement of the pillows. I have tried to have lesson 101 in pillow arranging with my husband. He does not see the need for all those pillows. We do, don't we!

eonyc said...

I love it! Both the separate bedrooms AND the fun with pillows. AND the visiting privileges! And that your husband makes his own bed! God bless him!!