Sunday, October 25, 2009

Christmas Crafts

Because of a new idea I have floating around in my head I retrieved the plastic tote from my storage building marked "Christmas Craft Items".

Upon taking off the lid I could tell there were things used for several different projects from different years all tucked away.

Remember when we appliquéd different seasonal things to sweat shirts...found several of those in there. Some were from fabric I had purchased - others really don't know where I obtained them...yard sale, perhaps. Who knows - but does not make any difference - I do believe they are headed for the trash pile.

Also found silk poinsettias, holly leaves, and pine cones...probably from some wreath I created.

At least 20 rolls of ribbon - some marked with having 75 feet on them...some with only 9 feet...and a good array of other lengths...I don't believe any of them have the wire in the edges like we use now.

Located in the bottom found four or five fleece stockings...plain ones...I believe one year I put small gifts in the stockings instead of wrapping the gift.

Hidden in there too were at least 200 wire hangers for items going on the know how from year to year these get lost and you wind up buying another package..just in case you need them.

About 5 pieces of fabric with a Christmas design...not enough to do anything with...but will definitely hang on to it...would go great in a scrappy quilt.

Also found about 10 plastic bags of misc items used in crafts -ranging from 20 small wooden balls to red and gold tassels.

Can't say for sure that I found what I was looking for to use in the new idea or not - but sure brought back some memories of Christmas times past.



Michelle said...

Wow! That was almost like going thrift shopping for you! If you won't use it, you might want to donate it so someone else can put their creative juices to work!
be blessed,

Hazel said...

Isn't it fun to bring out our Christmas decorations each year .I haven't bought any new decorations for a few years but plan to this year for my new white tree .
Are you planning on making some new Christmas craft projects ?

Amanda said...

It's a great moment each year when I bring out the Christmas boxes - I leave some Christmassy pot-pourri in there and the smell is so evocative. I had a clear out a few years ago, so only keep the things that we will definitely use; the rest went to my sons. But I'm not ready to open the box just yet.

Kristie said...

Oh, such great memories! I think at the time, I had every holiday sweatshirt that it was possible to make! :)

Darlene said...

What fun to open the Christmas box and bring back all of those memories. I truly need to go through SEVERAL of my Christmas boxes and get rid of "stuff". BUT, you never know when you might need it!!!!!

Hope you have a great day Amelia.♥

Victoria said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Every year I forget about things that I packed up the year before. It's always fun to see what is hidden away in totes. :)

Jenn said...

Love it! Very beautiful idea! Thanks so much for sharing!
Merry Christmas!!
Jenn (free Christmas craft and decorating ideas ebook!)