Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wagon Up-date

We have made some additions to the wagon in the last few days...just in keeping with the original time (at least in my way of thinking). I am old - but not that old.


We added the old lantern and the black cast iron pot that we had in other places in the yard. You will also note a long horned steer head. That actually was in another part of the yard - originally came from an animal in NE Oklahoma.

The flower box was one Leon built from some old scrappy looking wood. It had a rough finish on one side - so we put that side out - it will look better when weathered. I think now it looks a bit too new - but give it several months.


This picture is not the flowers in front of our new "Old" wagon - but close to the first wagon we got several years ago. However, the cactus we put in the new flower box is the same as these. It will take a couple of years before we can expect blooms as profusely as this puts out each year. It is similar to what is known as prickly pear cactus - I suppose a close cousin - the flowers in the one we have has the orange center and the pears are green...whereas the actual prickly pear has a solid yellow flower and the pears are red. At least from what I have been able to find in checking out these cacti.

One thing for sure there are always changes going on in our yard. Like in decorating in the house - an item could be in room "A" one day and the next day or so be placed in room "B". That is how it may be with our flower garden decorations - keep them moving around for a change in the way things look.

Everyone have a good week - enjoy the blessings provided by God and give him the thanks for such.



Michelle said...

It looks wonderful, Amelia. Rearranging items is what I do all the time. It's fun, when you can take something you already have and bring new excitement, just by moving it to another place. Unfortunately, outdoor decorating is not what I do, but love to do it indoors. Oh, if I only had more energy.
be blessed,

Kristie said...

Now that looks wonderful! Love little additions that you have added. The catus looks great there too! I have one just like that, not sure what it is called. I got it about 15 yrs ago, I used to drive by this same house everyday and admire their cactus so one day I stopped and asked the elderly man about it and he gave me a bunch of it, I split it with mom!

Have a wonderful day!

Darlene said...

The wagon area looks wonderful! I love the steer head and the box full of cactus.

Belvie said...

The new old wagon is really looking nice. I like the way you guys decorated it.

That cactus is pretty....and you are right about prickly pear. The flower is yellow and pear red. How do I know??? There were tons of them in the area of TX where I grew up.

Amanda said...

What fun you've been having. Do cacti grow wild in your part of the world? They certainly don't grow naturally here, though many people grow them indoors.

Marilyn said...

Looks great. Love the arrangement of all your things.

Halcyon said...

I love the old wagon! You are really a whiz at taking "found" objects and turning them into something practical and beautiful.

julieQ said...

What a wonderful yard, relaxing to look at and I love your wagon especially. I know when you are working your heart out, it is not so relaxing! It is getting hot 'bout there?

Picket said...

Love that old wagon girl! I have old wagon wheels and old plows all in my back yard...I just love stuff like that...I love that you have a planter box out there...everything looks great! Thanks for coming by sweetie and I hope all is well on your side of the mountain and that you have a great week!

Hazel said...

Love the wagon area ,you have that special touch for decorating out side .Soon as the flower box weathers everything will look like it has been there for years .That steer head was just the right decoration .Just a suggestion ,for special occasions or when you have company over try putting a colorful quilt on the seat ,if the weather permits .