Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

happy-mothers-day-3-clipart From one Mother to all the other Mothers or Aunts or Sisters - anyone who has portrayed the Motherly role -

""Happy Mother's Day"

Enjoy the day ~ regardless of the happenings.


Christina said...

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day too. I look forward to a slow, easy, happy weekend.

I enjoyed looking at the wedding pictures too. Looks like a wonderful day.

Kristie said...

I hope you are Blessed with a wonderful Mother's Day each and every day!

Michelle said...

Happy Mother's day to you too, my friend!
be blessed,

Belvie said...

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day too!

Tropical Screamer said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, too.

I'm blessed this Mother's Day because my Dear Son is safe as is his home. He lives in Santa Barbara where the terrible wildfire is raging.

How could anyone ask for a better Mother's Day present!

Best regards,

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Amelia, Dropping by to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!

The wedding pictures below were wonderful! Love the cake, and LeAnne and Greg made a lovely couple! ...and you are one beautiful lady yourself! :) Great pictures! ~hugs, Rhonda

julieQ said...

Happy Mother's day!! Hope yours was absolutely wonderful!

Norma said...

You are so right, you don't have to be the one that gives birth to find yourself in a mothering role to someone.

Hope you had a great visit with those two wonderful little ones and your daughter.