Thursday, April 23, 2009

Small Things Make Me Happy

Shopping at Goodwill and other thrift stores are my kind of fun. Give a $20.00 and turn me loose - you will see a very happy lady wandering around.

Last week we stopped at a Goodwill and all I could find that I was interested in was a couple of pretty beat up clip boards..price was 50 cents for both of them. I was wanting to try my hand at decorating them...I know this craft has been around for some time...but just never tried it. Did not want to purchase anything just worked with what I had here at the house. Learned alot as I went if I do anymore I will have the know how of what to do and certainly what not to do. 100_0766
Found out today that a thrift store had opened in the same shopping complex where my beauty salon is located...what a deal - I get my hair done each can leave the salon and stop by the thrift store. Did not have much time today - so the stop was a hurried one. 100_0764
These are the two things I purchased. I love oval shaped frames...also thought the picture was you can tell paid 99 cents for it. Really liked the size and coloring of the small creamer pitcher. Cost of it was $1.48.

Bought some things at a garage sale this past weekend--will try to post pictures of them later ...right now we are headed for the church to get things set up for granddaughter's wedding.

You all take care - Amelia


Michelle said...

Your clipboards turned out Caa--UUUUte! The thrift store near your hair dresser is reason for a celebration! Woo hoo!!!
Be blessed,

Hazel said...

The clip boards are pretty I know what you mean about thrift stores I love looking around to see what treasures I can find .

Jen said...

You are one crafty and thrifty lady.
I'm having another giveaway, so stop in sometime before Tuesday if you get a chance.

Amanda said...

Don't the clip boards look good - are they still useable, or just for ornament now? I love to look round charity shops too, though never seem to find much. I did get a honey jar and some bookends the other day, together with a very cheap duvet cover which has made ideal curtain linings. Your little jug is really pretty.

Belvie said...

Those clipboards are just too cute! I like wandering through the thrift store too.

bakinbabe said...

LOVE the clipboards! I also like the Maypole picture. Granny used to speak fondly of her school days when they celebrated Mayday by decorating th Maypole just like the kids in that picture. Ironically she died on May 1st.

Kristie said...

Now those clipboards are sooooo cute! Never thought of doing that. You are just so creative!