Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Snowed In?"

Well, it is not all snow on the ground.

There are three layers of "stuff" out there.

First: ice

Second: sleet

Third: snow

So what is a homemaker to do when the weather has one locked in the house? Cook, cook, and cook! Of course, that means lots of dishes to do also. Thankfully I have a dish, not Leon...but a built in kind with a know what I mean.

We won't discuss what I cooked for meals - all I can say lots of comfort food. Not ones with sugar but good tasting anyway.

My dear sweet husband has been asking for a chocolate pie for ages...I have been dragging my feet I suppose. I believe pies of this nature are a three step process. First the crust, then the filling, and finally the meringue. Takes so long...and I suppose they are not my favorite pies to begin with. Give me a peach cobbler or apple pie anytime and you see see a very contented blonde.

With the thought in mind of making it today... yesterday I got the pie crust out of the deep freeze to thaw. Yes, I do make my own crust and it is flaky and absolutely the best tasting...even if I do say so myself.Because of Leon's diabetes and my ever growing waist/hip measurement I used a sugar substitute in both the pie and the meringue. Not as good as the real stuff - but certainly not bad either. You can bet your last dollar (if you are a betting person) all of it will be eaten.


Suzan said...

Mercy! That pie surely looks good. I LOVE chocolate cream pie!!

Belvie said...

Glad you are staying inside where it is warm....and no doubt smelling absolutely heavenly with all that cooking going on! I watched the news and it looked as if you guys got hit really hard with all the nasty weather.

That pie looks like the kind my grandmother use to bake. She love chocolate pie. I like pie, but did not inherit her talent for making pie crust. As a matter of fact....the rolling pin and I don't get along at all!!

Stay warm and safe.

Bo said...

Okay surely must hear me moaning & groaning...chocolate pie is my big time favorite too! You were a darling to make this for your Leon...I am also using Splenda these days for my diabetic Mr. Bo...still tastes pretty darn good! Stay warm & cozy... ;-) Bo

Michelle said...

Chocolate is my favorite kind of pie too, along with lemon meringue. That plate is just the cutest!

Stay warm my friend!

Sue said...

No matter what flavor the pie is the crust is the "proof of the pudding"!! I love chocolate. Stay warm...

Kristie said...

mmmmm...that pie looks sooooo good! I just love homemade pie crust! I have been cooking alot the past 2 days too! Richard and the boys have ate everything in site!!!!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Looks yummy!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Amelia! That pie looks marvelous! I can only imagine just how good it tastes! Hope you guys are getting thawed out soon! This has been one cold and nasty winter, hasn't it?

Take care this weekend in all that ice! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

Jen said...

That looks DELISH!
I favor a pie you can a à la mode.

Norma said...

I agree that this type of pie seems to involve more in the making. Not much of a chocolate pie person, just give me apple or peach. The great white hunter love coconut when I do that he gets the whole pie all to himself. He does not mind in the least!

You are a good wife, my friend.

julieQ said...

Yum, it looks so good. It must be pie weather, I made one too recently!