Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Car

Last week while sitting under the dryer at the beauty shop - yes, I go weekly to get my "do" a man told me he had just backed into my car. Not ever having seen him before I told him that I hoped he had good insurance.

The poor man had just brought his wife for her weekly appointment and was leaving the parking lot. Now - get this picture - my Ford Taurus station wagon was sitting all by herself. cars close to her - just minding her own car business...when this big ugly pickup backed into the passenger side. I am sure my sweet automobile let out a small scream when her side was punctured, scraped and dented.

Anyway, the man gave me information regarding himself and insurance company. He immediately left the shop and headed to the insurance company. Before I left he came back and said they (insurance company) was expecting my call.

As I was leaving I called DH and told him briefly what had happened. Good thing I did as the insurance company was calling the house before I got home. I know Leon would have been beside himself had the insurance company called before I had a chance to tell him.

Got an estimate on Friday and turned it in...was advised by phone call an adjuster would be getting in touch with me and arrange a time to inspect the car. Hadn't heard anything so I called the office today...spoke to two people - they seemed to not be able to find the claim. Finally I was told someone would call me back.

Yes, I am taking notes of who I spoke with and the highlights of the conversation.

Stay tuned for the continuation of this drama...meanwhile we will be driving a car that looks terrible.

Thought for the day: Praise God - I could have been in the car when the ugly pickup came roaring backwards!

- Amelia


Norma said...

Makes you wonder if they lost the paperwork or they think if they stall you will just give up and go away. Funny thing about insurance companies, when it is time to pay, YOU better have your act together!

Good luck!

Sue said...

Sorry your car had a mishap. I'm glad the man did the right thing to notify you immediately. Yes, you will have to stay on top of the claim!

Amanda said...

I have a wonderful picture now of you with your hair in rollers and wearing the beauty parlour's robe, peacefully sitting under the dryer, only to have your tranquillity disturbed by a big ugly truck with a snarl on its face!

tardevil said...

Makes you wonder how some people get their license, doesn't it? Glad you weren't hurt!

Kristie said...

Thank God that you were not in the car or hurt in anyway!

Hope you get it all straightened out soon!!!

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear about your car, Amelia, but glad you were not in it, or hurt.

We can either be sad, or mad, or look at the bright side, like you did. It's just a car. No one was hurt.

Bo said...

Oh, sad your precious car got "mugged"...One day when my little pick-em up truck was only 3 months old, I parked it out by itself in a parking lot while I shopped...and it got ran over by a PEDESTRIAN! A man delivering bread to the store had stacked his two-wheeler so high he couldn't see over the load & ran into my truck...he did come looking for me though..and they had to buy a new bumper for me. BTW, if his ins. co. doesn't settle with you soon...turn it over to your company...they'll handle it for you. ;-) Bo

Hazel said...

Thank God you were not in the car .The same thing happened to us 3 weeks ago when we were in USA ,being from Canada the fellow could have told us to go away LOL but he did the right thing and paid us on the spot .Guess what kind of car we were driving ...Ford Taurus .

Belvie said...

Sorry your car got banged up...just glad you weren't in it at the time. Hope that insurance company gets on the ball and takes care of the repairs.

Picket said...

So glad you weren't in the car at the time...but that's what we pay the big bucks for as they say! I just never could figure out why the insurance companies always raise your rates if you get hit when you had nothing to do with the accident! lol Have a great weekend!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Amelia, We are still trying to get the insurance company to pay David's bills from his broke arm from this summer! Seems one "form" is always left out and needs to be refiled before payment can be made! UGH! So, stay on top of yours. So glad you weren't in the car!

Great pictures of your cats below! They are beautiful! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

Christina said...

I'm sorry about your car.

Glad you were not in it or hurt.

Hope you have a great week.

Sherri said...

I was wondering what had happened! I am glad you wrote about it. I am glad you are alright!