Friday, December 26, 2008

2008 Winding Down

Where has the year gone - just a few more days and we will be into 2009. Have I accomplished much during this past year - I suppose so. Cooking, laundry and cleaning house don't count: but they sure do take hours to complete.

Christmas decorations are still in place...won't take those down until after New Year's day. Speaking of Christmas my sweet honey and I went to Wal-Mart today -just the usual weekly jaunt. While there did check out the isles containing all the decorating items at 50% off. Did pick up a few things for in the house...Leon got some more outside lights. Bought some gold chargers for the table...have never used chargers before...part of my family will know what they are- but doubt if my hunky men will know...they will probably think just a big gold plate to pile food on. Also bought 8 place setting of red stoneware....the red is more burgandy than bright red...had raised holly berrys and leaves as a pattern on them. Casual like - not fancy....will probably use them next year for the whole month of December.

I got so aggravated at myself today...last week needed to get a replacment bulb for the flickering lights that are on the tree. I had bought the string of lights at Hobby Lobby several years ago...had not seen any before these and have not seen any afterwards. Anyway, one was burned out so stopped by Lowe's and bought one the tune of $3.99 just got one. Today while at Wal-Mart I spotted same size bulb (different brand) in their 50% off's cost was $.63 each. So I purchased 4 of them - just in case I need more next year.

Today here in central Oklahoma the weather has been cloudy most of the day with the wind gusting to probably 20 miles per hour (give or take)...but the best part the temperature has been in the 70's all afternoon. Now this morning it was a bit cooler and we had 100% moisture in the air...sort of foggy and real damp...It would have been terrible had the temperature been down in the 20's.

Still doing some hand quilting - probably mid January I will get the sewing machine to whirling once again with starting another quilt. Not sure what fabric I will select from my huge stash or what pattern I will use...will just wait and see what talks to me at the time.

May God give you many Blessings!


Tropical Screamer said...

I'm so excited about the New Year. I bet it's going to be great for all of us.

I miss fog. It's great that you're weather is so pretty today.

Best regards,

Michelle said...

Last night we got freezing rain, and the temperatures dropped, putting ice on top of snow, making for a very slippery surface for walkers and drivers alike, but later on, the temperatures got into the low 40's, which is warm for December. It was also foggy, and it got foggier as the turned toward evening. I'm glad I didn't have to travel anywhere today.

Don't feel bad about your light bulb. That happens to all of us. You did find bargain bulbs to make up for it, so it all evens out.

May the last week of December be wonderful for you, and I pray 2009 will knock your socks off with blessings!

Kristie said...

I was also sitting here today thinking about this past year! This year has had lots of ups and downs for us, but in the end have made us stronger people and closer to God! I hope and pray that we have a wonderful 2009!!!
Many Blessings!

Amanda said...

I'm always impressed by people who actually go to the sales, and then really do buy something useful. Especially to think ahead till next Christmas! I hate crowds and rarely go near the shops when they have sales, so must miss out on so many bargains. Isn't it always the way - Murphy's law - that you find something cheaper just after you've bought it!

Bo said...

Hi Amelia...Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year... I think I'd be returning that $3.99 bulb back to Lowe's...Haha ;-) Bo

Shanda said...

Hi Amelia, we are having wacky weather today also. It was 70 last night and we actually slept with one window open in our bedroom as the winter bedding was unbearabley hot. We have had fog and thunderstorms along with tornado warnings all day. No bad storms just humidity and some rain. I am ready for a good blast of snow, then bring on the garden catalogs. I will keep up my decor until the new year also, they say its bad luck ya know to take it down too soon.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Amelia,
Thanks for the visit! I love those after Christmas sales...and always want to 'get organized' in January!


Picket said...

Morning girl...I love the after Christmas sales! You can get the neatest things for nearly nothing! lol We took down all the outside Christmas stuff and I still have one tree inside to take down and some small decorations. Somehow taking everything down doesn't quite give me the 'joy' as it did putting it all up! lol lol But all in all it has been a wonderful year...I can't wait to see what God has in store for us this coming New year...take care dear friend and May this New Year be your best one so far for you & your family!