Saturday, November 22, 2008

Count Down Has Started!

A few days until Thanksgiving...


several more days and Christmas will be here.

Baking has begun in the Watkins kitchen. Not a lot - but some. Made Banana Bread - used sugar substitute so my sweet husband can eat it.

Decided to make a cheese cake also. It has been several years since I have made one. Just made a plain one...we can add our own extra sweet to it - such as cherry pie filling, caramel or chocolate syrup. Leon doesn't like cheese cake so it is made with the real stuff.

My kitchen cabinet contained two cheese cake in 9 inch and the other is a 10 inch. So the recipe called for a 9 inch -so I thought no problem. Well, when I got ready to loosen it so the bottom plate would fall through - nothing happened. It was stuck and no amount of twisting was going to work. To make a long story short, I got the cheese cake out and put on a pretty platter without tearing it up. That pan went to the trash - and next time I am in Wal-Mart I will purchase a new 9 inch pan. True I may only use it one time a year but I want one that will work. Put the cake in the freezer for the time being

Got to have chocolate candy at this time of the year too. So I made chocolate peanut clusters with small marshmallows in them. I goofed though ~ -the chocolate was too warm and it melted the marshmallows some - so now instead of little round balls of fluff - we have swirls of it. But you know what - it sure does taste good!

Have not decided what else I am going to create in the kitchen for the Holidays just yet. Oh, I know my hips don't need anything else - but I sure do like the taste of sweets - be it candy, cookies, pie or anything else.

So if you are in the area, stop by and we will taste test the goodies!


Michelle said...

Oh, Amelia, I bet your home smelled just wonderful today! If I would have been with you today, those marshmallow clusters would have been gone before you knew what happened!

Bless you,

Kristie said... all sounds so good! I just love all the baking that goes on this time of the year! I will be starting my baking on Tuesday. I am a little nervous, we always do this at mom's and I am there to help her, but this year it is just me and Chantal! I know we can do it but I'm sure it will not be as good as moms! I made some of those peanut clusters for the boys the other day, but I didn't have enough marshmallows, but they were still good!

And I love the Christmas music that you have one her, really gets you in the mood!!!! :)

Bo said...

Hi you are talking my language...CHEESECAKE, CHOCOLATES & BANANA BREAD...Let's eat!! Yum!
;-) Bo

Amanda said...

It must be so difficult for all Americans at this time of the year, with Christmas following so quickly on the heels of Thanksgiving. All that cooking! I'm afraid I do very little baking for Christmas. Not being able to eat wheat myself I can't eat any of the traditional Christmas goodies, and the family don't really like sweet things. I buy a top quality Christmas cake for my DH and ice and decorate it myself. I make a very few mince pies, which usually end up going out for the birds. I like to make biscuits, but they never get eaten either, so it's really not worth the effort. I do miss the smell of baking though.

Carla said...

Oh my, is it time for Thanksgiving already? ha I had better get going and pull out the recipes. Thanks for helping me get in the mood. I'll have to try those chocolate marshmallow candies!

Picket said...

Hey girl! Ohhh chocolate and cheescake...Two of my favorite words!!!! lol lol My middle Burly Boy has to have cheese cake every holiday!!! lol He always whispers for me to make him one extra just to take home! lol I just talked to Tracy, our daughter in Oklahoma and they are all coming for Thanksgiving!!!! Yahoo!!! I still got so much to do but I am so happy! Hope you and yours Have a glorious Thanksgiving!