Monday, September 08, 2008

Red Ribbon Entries - ?

In our part of the country we are having county fairs. The state fair is just around the corner too.

I have never been inclined to enter anything in the fair. I appreciate the fact that some people take the time to grow, raise or create something and then go through the process of entering the competition.

However, in the past few days some things have come across my path that could have been entered - they were not worthy of the "Grand Prize" ribbon or a "Blue Ribbon" - but if there were not a lot of entries - then perhaps a "Red Ribbon".

Anyway, I wanted to show you my fair (as in not the best) fair items.

Quilting - Wall Hanging Division

This wall hanging - remember I created it a couple of months ago - first thing I ever machine quilted.

Baking Division

Doesn't this look tasty - and it was....only problem I don't think there is a division for bread made in a bread machine. I know I have the time for making bread the old fashioned way - not that I am lazy - I just spend my time in a different way

Quilting - Wall Hanging Division

Leon wanted me to make a wall hanging of our new church logo. All I had was a business card and you know how small that is...couldn't get the right combination between printer and computer to get it any larger than about 3 inches. So went to next best thing...paper and pencil. After completing on paper I used the paper pattern on cloth...machine appliqued it down and then machine quilted it. It is now hanging in our Sunday School class rooom.

culture Division

Red Beauties - even if they have a crack around the top - which was caused by too much rain. Yes, I know that is almost an unheard of thing in Oklahoma during the summer. You know what though...that crack certainly did not affect the taste of them whatsoever.

Pastry division

Apple pie... I always try to keep pie dough in the freezer and my supply was down to practically nothing - so this morning got out my old trusty pie dough recipe and whipped up a double batch of dough. Froze all but enough to make this single crust apple pie. Used the apples that had fallen from our tree in the back yard.

So there are my "would have", "could have", "but didn't" entries for the 2008 fairs in Pottawatomie county and surrounding areas.


Michelle said...

I give ALL your entries Blue Ribbons! Congratulations, Amelia!

Janera said...

I agree with Michelle! Such talent, and such fun!

Norma said...

The true judges of those lovely items are the lucky ones who get to enjoy them all year round! I think you would win the blue ribbon for best all around entries.

The church quilt is wonderful!

Hazel said...

Everything looks wonderful I also bake bread ,nothing like bread baking to give your home the most wonderful scent ,not to mention the taste .I to award you the Blue Ribbon .Now could you send me one of those apple pies ,my mouth is watering LOL

Amanda said...

So many entries for so many classes! Red Ribbons (or at least gold stars) all round.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Great items! I bet they would do really well! The quilted wall hanging in your church logo is amazing! I can see that it required a lot of planning and doing! :) Beautiful and unique! And your baked goodies...oh, my mouth is just watering! ~Rhonda :)

jacquie said...

What a great idea to have your own little fair! I would say you are all around grand champion for variety and skill!

TxChristmasGirl said...

Good luck on your entries. Thanks for posting a comment on my site, you are right, we are practically neighbors since I am in North Texas. I did go shopping in Montrose at a cute little quilt shop. I would be happy to scan a template for the sunbonnet sue pattern you saw on my site, just let me know if you want it.

bj said...

Well, lady...I do believe you would have won a BLUE RIBBON for every single one of these and please just put that pie in a box and send it out to me in West Texas!
So...there !!!!!(haha)

love, bj

Mama Koch said...

Looks like blue-ribbon entries to me!

Picket said...

Ohhhh ribbon beauties all the way!!! You have such talent & I know your family must feel so special to be the ones to benefit from all those treasures! Hope you have had a great week sweetie...I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the prayers for me & my family!

Shanda said...

Hi Amelia, I award all your entries with the purple colored grand champion ribbon. Your entries are made, sewn and grown with love. That is a true winner.
God Bless

Tropical Screamer said...

What a fun idea. I found you through Norma's blog and I'll be a regular visitor.

I made caraway rye bread yesterday. I'm learning how to use the bread machine on the dough cycle and then finishing the bread in the oven. (I have an old Breadman and I was never happy with the hole it made in the bottom of the loaf.)

All your work is so beautiful and your decorating is so special. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

All the best,