Thursday, August 28, 2008


Where does the time go?

Seems like each day is so busy...perhaps I am just not accomplishing as much each day as I used to or could.

Between doctor appointments for both of us, going to church for both services and working type meetings, taking people to the airport or doctor and the usual house cleaning, some cooking, and laundry...the days have just flown by.

Have been doing a tiny bit of sewing - both on the machine and the hand quilting.

Garden is still producing so many nice vegetables...remember the plan we have...we keep 10% and give away 90%. We give a lot to people at church who don't have a garden or whose garden has already bit the dust.

My flowers are starting their down hill spiral as most do later in the summer...and I must admit I have not been as faithful to water them as I should have been.

Did go to several Goodwill stores yesterday when we were in OKC...but nothing to shout about in our findings. I like a particular size/style coffee cup and Leon bought me 3 of those. Also, I have a small hand with short fingers and finding working gloves is hard...but did find some yesterday. They are actually gloves a batter would wear when playing baseball/softball. The size is large in the youth division - they fit me just bought me 4 pair.

Well, I had better get with the program now...have to go to Wal-Mart - then to hairdresser for my usual Thursdays "do". Meeting my sweet husband for lunch -then he is going with me to another doctor appt for a bone marrow test...then go by and pick up some flowers a dear freind gave me...then home.

Tomorow I have house cleaning - plus need to water my potted plants ...

Saturday having company.... - both services

Monday....who knows

Tuesday - Leon's doctor appt.

Past this I don't know for sure...and who knows what might change in between.

...and this is retirement!


Brown-Eyes said...

Hey busy lady...don't forget to take time to smell the roses ...check out my last blog about "Dusting" if you haven't already... Cheers ;-) Bo

Norma said...

Folks would have you believe that retirement means sitting and watching the dust settle. I am looking forward to having days that can change their focus and not have it be a major production to go with the flow.

How great that you share those veggies! I bet everyone really enjoys that.

Hang in there, fall is right around the corner. Sounds if you are seeing signs of that. Not here, we have a good six weeks of heat ahead.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Amelia, Sounds like you are much too busy to work! LOL! I hope all of your test and doctor's visits are for nothing serious! You are so fortunate to have a flourishing garden! What a blessing to you and those that you share with. I have been going to the local farmer's market, and fresh vegetables are such a treat! :) ~Rhonda

PS..I have a Sunshine Award for you at my blog, Tuesday's post. :)

Hazel said...

What a sweetheart you are to share your produce with others . I agree , retirement is not all its cracked up to be ,I'm busier now then I ever was when I worked .But on the bright side I give thanks everyday I still have good health to do the things I want .

Kristie said...

I know how you feel, seems like I stay just as busy as I did when I worked outside of the home. I noticed my flowers were doing the samething...and I also noticed that we already have some leaves falling to the ground! Fall is here!

eonyc said...

I'm not retired--just unemployed--but I feel the same way! I keep running errands and doing chores and I don't seem to be getting as much done as I should.
By the way, I LOOOOVE the new layout on the blog!!

Carla said...

Busy, busy, busy! That's what keeps us young, they say. If so, then I shall be forever a kid! We've been enjoying our small garden and sharing the wealth of tomatoes. Your garden sounds like it is wonderful!

M & K said...


Love the new background and layout of your blog. It's been a while since I've been here and you HAVE been busy! I'm very impressed. It seems you've got quite the knack.


Halcyon said...

It's good to keep busy! I hate sitting around with nothing to do. :)

A little birdie told me that anniversary wishes are in order, so here they are. Happy Anniversary to you and your sweet husband. May you have many more years together. :D

Sherri said...

Happy Anniversary! I just can't believe how the years have flown by. I love the new layout & your nekkid ladies in your front yard (blushing) lol! I just love those!

I hear that retirement is so busy. I know mom & dad are running all of the time. I hope ya'll are doing well.


Picket said...

Morning girl...gosh you stay as busy as me! lol Oh I do so envy those friends that are getting some of those great vegetables! I only wish your doctor visits would change..I pray that God touch you sweetie & do a recreative miracle for you from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet..take time for yourself girl. I hope you are having a great week.