Monday, July 07, 2008

Latest happenings ...July 2008

Not much really is going on here at out house.

Our 4Th of July had as much fizzle as a lady finger fire cracker in a rain storm. My sweet honey worked at the church for a while...I cleaned house in a sort of hurriedly fashion...not any deep cleaning. Later, my DH grilled some steaks and fresh squash while I fixed baked potatoes and sauteed mushrooms in the kitchen. We ate until we were stuffed. Rest of the day we just rested and piddled around here at the house. About 7:30 decided to go get a snow cone...only to find out they were we thought "oh, well" we will stop at Sonic and get something refreshing.
Alas, they were closed also. So just came home!

Saturday we went garage/yard sale running around. Being a holiday weekend...not many sales going on. I collect small pitchers and found one that goes great with my collection. Also bought a couple of junk jewelry boxes with jewelry inside. One contained a necklace that I really liked. The other one had a couple of pair of large clunky earrings (I am a big fan of clunky chunky earrings). Also it contained a ring (too large) that is marked 18K GE SETA (don't know what all that means) and it contains three, diamonds or something else. Probably not worth anything but the ring is certainly a pretty thing.

Yesterday was church in the lunch, rested and then back to church last night. Did get a bit of hand quilting in though.

This morning Leon was back to the church to help remove the old baptistery from the old sanctuary. He stopped by feed store on the way home and got bird seed and sevin dust for garden.

Ordinarily, we don't put out bird feed during this time of the year but a couple of Canadian geese had raised 5 babies this spring...once they able to fly they took off. But wouldn't you know on Friday morning here they came waddling up from the pond looking for food. Gave them bread then and later in the day gave them some cat crunchies (which they liked real well). by the way, they did not like rye bread or wheat crackers. Guess I have sort of picky eating birds.

The squash bugs have hatched out and are attacking my plants. Leon doused the plants real heavy with the sevin powder as we certainly don't want to lose our plants. We have not got our fill of fresh squash yet.

Okra is starting to produce even though the plants are still real short...but they are blooming quite nicely. I have put several packages in the deep freeze. The strawberries and blackberries are coming along strong in their contribution of berries for the deep freeze. You might be wondering why we are not eating the okra and berries fresh instead of putting them in the freezer...well when they are ready we have something else going on..eating out or pot luck at church or eating left overs. I don't let any of these go to waste. Guess I am like the little ant storing up food for the winter time. The peach tree is pretty loaded with fruit. I did not thin them out in the spring like I should have so the fruit will be small. Our tomatoes and cukes are getting there - but just not now - will be a week or so on them.

Something happened Sunday afternoon that has never happened to me before. About 1:15 the door bell rang...went to the door...a lady and man were standing there...people I did not know.

The lady asked if they could look around our yard. She said they drive past our house a lot and wanted to just stop and look at the flowers, flower pots, old wagon , etc. They wanted to look up close instead of just the whizzing by when driving. Needless, to add I was more than excited to give them the "gardener's tour" of our yard. They were real interested in the wagons Leon has made out of landscape timbers. See the post Now the large one is filled with apricot colored impatiens...and a small one has red and pink geraniums in it. He built the small one several weeks later.

Update - dryer worked fine when the repair man come last week. I do believe it started working again after I slammed the door in frustration when this non working happened. Oh well, we will wait and see if it continues to work properly. If it goes hay-wire again you can bet your bottom dollar I will let the world know (via my blog).

I suppose these are the latest happenings in my little part of the world.

May God bless you!


bakinbabe said...

How funny about the couple stopping to look at your beautiful yard. I have to FORCE myself to watch the road when I drive by!

Picket said...

Hey friend...sometimes it nice just to have a quiet holiday! lol With this large herd we have I don't really know what that's like but I bet it's nice!!!! lol Ohhhh I love fried squash and fried okra...have you ever flour & mealed the okra and then cut up chunks of green tomatoes and salt and pepper them and flour and meal them and fried it all together..ohhhhh glory!!!!! lol lol I don't grow okra but I buy the frozen breaded okra and add the green tomatoes like that and it is out of this world..a local resturant owner couldn't believe it so she tried it and then she started serving it in her little country cafe...hey come to think of it..I never did get any profit from that deal! lol lol Ohhhh and you can cut your yellow squash in chunks and then cut up potatoes in chunks and flour and meal them and fry them together in the skillet..oh my word..ok this has got to stop I have gained 5 lbs sitting here typing!!!! lol lol Thanks for coming by friend...have a great week with all your fresh stuff!!!

Amanda said...

It sounds as if your weekend was quite busy enough. I would love to be able to grow lots more fruit and veg but just don't have the space. You'll be opening your garden to the paying public soon!!

Belvie said...

Okra!!! I love okra...pretty much anyway it can be fixed. Wish I had room to grow some, but most of my gardening is done in containers.

Sounds like your 4th was a relaxing one!

Norma said...

I would love to take the tour of your wonderful yard. Just the pictures show that you two give it TLC.

Your holiday sounds wonderful, sorry that there was no Sonic or snow cone though.

I don't let any of the great summer fresh stuff go to waste either, there is a long winter ahead, even if it doesn't seem that way right now. I love my freezer.

Sherri said...

I know how they feel! Your yard always has so many neat things! I slow down & try to look as I drive by. I always spot something different everyday.

Janera said...

"as much fizzle as a lady finger fire cracker in a rain storm"

I love it!

As for the carts Leon made -- I know it! I still want one!