Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ups and Downs

This is one of the cactus plants we have in the front yard. Their blooms are always so pretty with the contrast of the colors. We dug them up out of the pasture last easy to care for because they are wild...and not used to any coddling like some of our other flowers/plants.

This past week has certainly had its share of ups and downs. I twisted my back/neck out of joint some way and spent a couple of miserable days. Leon finally said "You are going to see Dr. Crowe now." He is our treatment and I was back to pain.

Then when our credit card bill came in...some yahoo had charged a $335.00 T-Mobile phone to our that required several phone calls. Of course, they cancelled the old card and we will be getting a new one. Now I will have to contact several companies who have our card number on file for charges and give them the new one.

For the last several weeks I have been making comments about the weeds in the flower bed at church. We have lots of committees that do a very fine job...but no committee for weed control. So my sweet kind husband agreed to help me with this task. We worked about three hours yesterday and another three hours this morning. He can not get down on his knees so he has to lean over and after awhile he gets dizzy. I can get down on my knees and then usually wind up sitting down..then the problem of trying to get up and move to the next spot.

Well, we accomplished what we sat out to do. However, as loving as my husband is for me and the Lord he said "Never again". I suppose we will have to do some talking with the Building and Grounds committee and see if something can't be arranged to hire someone to do it on a regular basis. Also kicked around the idea of putting in decorative rock. Right now both of us are so sore and stiff we are miserable...sure is the heck in getting old.

Not all has been bad the last several days. We found out on Monday that Holly is pregnant. She and Tony wanted another one to go along with their son. I am hoping for a girl...but will be happy either way.

Had company one afternoon, also went fishing on Saturday at the pond, took Granddaughter and her boyfriend to lunch after church on Sunday, sewed, cleaned house, cooked (very little), quilted ...I suppose that about sums up the rest of the time.

Gas is $3.79 per gallon here...what is it where you live?


Suzan said...

When I was junior warden of our parish, buildings and grounds set up a subcommittee for flower beds. It worked great! We divided up the beds into sections on paper and then families volunteered to take care of "their" bed. People got very competitive because no one wanted "their" bed to look bad!

Gas here is $3.98!

Finn said...

Hi Amelia, I think you deserve a nice shiny metal for each you and DH for doing such a wonderful job on the church weeds.
The Lord must love 'them' too, cause there sure are alot of them around! Weeds, that is *VBS*
Hope all the aches and pains are gone soon. All is all, it sounds like a very nice outcome for the 'downs' part of the week. Keep smiling my friend, hugs, Finn

Dawn said...

Gas is 4.49 here in southern california. eeek!

bj said...

Hi, Amelia,
Nice of you and hubby to spend so much time on the church weeds. Hopefully, they will hire a gardener soon!
Yep, I agree; Old age ain't for sissies !!
hugs, bj

bakinbabe said...

WHAT??? YAY!!!About Holly! I am So happy for ya'll!!!

Hazel said...

I had to smile at the gas cost ,its 5.81 a gal. here in Ontario .I think we will be making a trip to the states this weekend .How sweet you and your husband are to do the weeding at the church ,I like Suzans idea ,maybe you could suggest the idea at the church .I'm sure there must be some young familys who could do it .

Norma said...

The weeds sound like a youth group project to me........those young ones have the energy and won't go home with the aches and pains.

Yep, this getting old is the pits! Never sure when I hurt if there is a reason or it is just a sign of aging.

Gas was $4.15 in the metro area, cheaper in the mountains, at least yesterday. It goes up every few hours around here.

Congratulations on the new member of the family to be!

Picket said...

Morning girl...ohhh what a great thing for you to weed for the church..but it sure can make reality slap you in the face when you try to get up!!! lol lol Congrats on the great news of a new addition to the family!!! Gas it bordering at $4 a gallon now here in Alabama..But I am content to stay around home now that my parents are all settled in! lol Thanks for coming by girl..have a great day!

Regina said...

Crazy week for you - gorgeous flowers!! And such great news at the end!!! WOW!

Gas here is $4.29

Janera said...

lotsa news on this post -- very fun to read!

gas? I dunno, but I know someone who spent over $5 for diesel the other day.

That ain't a bit funny, is it? ;-0

Connie said...

Blessed are the weed pullers--you guys really went above and beyond the call of duty! Maybe the lovely appearance of the beds after all your hard work will inspire others! Gas here is *gasp* $4.19.

Kristie said...

You sure have been busy! Slow down and take it easy! My mom has that same catus in her yard, it is so pretty. Gas here is 3.99 for the regular.

materialjunkie said...

Thankyou for your visist to my new blog. I can only sit for a minute due to my how I wish I could do something fun this where I live in Ontario gas is 1.30 a litre ane there are 4.54 Canadian litres to a gallon so that would be approx.5.90...grrrrrr.

eonyc said...

Gas is 4.29 here in NYC...and yay for the second Emig baby. I'm hoping for a girl, too ;)