Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday - Memorial Day

Really, this day has progressed much like any other day.

I put flowers on the graves last Thursday while I was in town. Going to Mother and Daddy's graves is hard to bear...I don't have any regrets about the relationship we had...just that I miss them and wish I could converse with them as to how my life is now. Plus tell them how much I appreciate all they taught me and what all hard work they endured to make life somewhat easier than they had when they were growing up. We never had a lot of money during my childhood...Daddy was a farmer worker..not for himself...but the other guy. When Mother went to work at Sylvania things were better. There was always love abounding from them. Church was always part of our life style.

Well, so much for my thinking of the past...lets talk about the present

As I said today has been nothing outstanding. I did some laundry, shampooed some of the carpets in the heavily traveled areas. cut out a skirt and jacket in sage green, made a batch of cookies (choc. with choc. chips and pecans) and of course took my afternoon nap. Leon went over to a church member's house to do some tractor and other work. This man is having some serious health issues and can't do any manual labor so Leon is doing what he can. The tie rod on the tractor went "south" so that means we will have to replace it. Dollar wise, don't have any idea how much we will be out...but nothing is cheap just might as well get ready for the shock.

Also cooked...but that is to be expected. We had fried okra, briskit, and baked beans...boy, did it all ever taste good.

Even though this is a holiday...won't be seeing any of the kids...Holly and her family are in New Mexico visiting Tony's Dad...Larry/Melissa are in Branson just kicking back and relaxing plus taking in some of the local sights ...the other two kids I suppose are doing their own thing.

It is late in the afternoon now...I think I will do hand quilting on the Grandmother's fan quilt.


KyQuiltlady said...

Sounds like you had a full day and it's not over yet. My husband and I went to his parents house for fish fry and took the grandkids to the park. I hope to see the quilt when it is finished. I know it is pretty.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

I had a nice peaceful day too just kicking back and doing some fun sewing. I'm glad you're enjoying your day.

Amanda said...

Sounds just like what a holiday is about - doing what you want to do. Tell me, when you talk about baked beans, I'm sure you mean something you cooked yourself, not tinned baked beans which immediately springs to mind to someone in the UK?

Picket said...

Morning girl...Sounds like you had a full weekend..I'm sorry you have lost your parents...I know it must be hard to enjoy a happy time without feeling alittle sad from them not being there to share it...I still have both my parents and am very close to them..My oldest daughter and her family are the only ones that are not right here in town with all the rest of us...They live in Afton, Oklahoma or Monkey Island as some call it...It's been very hard on me emotionally to have them so far away..but hopefully they will be moving back soon. You take care friend and have a beautiful day!

bj said...

This is a good time in our lives when we can work, rest, nap, do what we is one of the perks of old age and retirement. PLUS all the time with grandchildren!! :o)

I love thinking back about 'young days', growing up and the difference in those days and today. I love reading YOUR thoughts on it all, too.
Have a sunshine