Monday, May 12, 2008

Clean Clothes

The washing machine has been fixed!

Repairman called this morning - got here about 11:30 or 11:45. Within about 15 to 20 minutes he had it fixed and was on his way to another service call.

He had to replace the main board - he again stated this is the part that goes out the most frequently. Other than this board there does not appear to be many parts on the machine. This board calls all the shots for what the unit is to do. One way to look at this situation:

"Women, we have come a long way since the scrub board and lye soap. "

I washed a couple of loads just to check it out...not any problems at all.

Lord, I am so thankful the down time on this incident was not long at all.


Michelle said...

Yay Amelia!!!!

Amanda said...

Hello Amelia, I've only just come across your blog and wanted to write as mine is called Amanda's Musings! I'll be adding you to my list now.

jillquilts said...

Oh, yeah! That's great that it didn't take too long! Hopefully, this fix will last a long while!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Yay! Yippeeee! Did you bake him any cookies? Heehehhehehe

Finn said...

Hi Amelia, so happy that it was a fairly simple straight forward thing, and almost no downtime.
Love the wagon in the previous post...he's sooooo talented! You are a lucky lady!! Hugs, Finn

Hazel said...

So glad your machine is up and running again ,

Connie said...

Funny how we get so attached to our creature comforts like washers! I'd be in a panic without a washer--this house is like a 1.5 load per day house! Glad it's all working again!

Norma said...

I was reading along and started listening to the song......Rub A Dub. Sure goes with your story!

Glad to hear things are back to working again. I will cross my fingers that this is the last you will see of that "F" on the controls.

Granny Lyn said...

ugh! it brings back flashes of the washer going out when I had 8 little kids in school and sports,,,EEK

Glad you're back to normal@

Belvie said...

Oh my, glad to hear you got your washer going again. We don't know how much we use them until they don't work! I have a Whirlpool, but it's an old one...early 1990's vintage. It works fine, so I will use it until it dies, then replace with an more efficient one, but will do lots of reading before I buy. Thanks for posting your issues.

bj said...

YIPEEEEE, so glad it is fixed! I always just hated for my washer to be down....the next worse thing is a stopped-up sink !!
Have a great