Monday, December 10, 2007

"I tried..."

Cakes and pies - I like
Cookies - I love.

Over the years I have made many, many dozens of cookies to share (and to eat some myself). Most times there are cookies in the deep freeze to nibble on if the urge should arise.

However, cutout cookies (i.e. sugar cookies) have never been a favorite of mine. Most of the ones I have eaten were prettily decorated but they were tasteless. Daughter Holly has a recipe that she raves about that has flavor because of the added spices. Grandson Max and she make these from time to time. I figured if they could make them I could also.

So yesterday afternoon (after my nap) I rolled them out and cut - using several different cookie cutters. Not bad so far...or at least I thought.

Got out the stuff needed to make the "royal frosting" and made it. I set up little bowls of colored frosting - started loading up one of the cake decorators. Now this is where the lack of talent came in...I could no more draw a straight line with the frosting than I can fly an airplane. Of course, I can't draw a straight line with a pencil either. Tried several different tips...same results...a royal mess! To top it all off - I tasted the frosting and it was somewhere between tasting like wall paper paste and Elmer's glue.

Called Daughter and asked her what frosting recipe she used...her comment was just regular butter frosting with a pinch of powdered meringue. She says this works every time for her. Sure wish I had known that before I created these.

In spite of their looks, the cookie part is very tasty.

I do believe when I make them again I will not use frosting at all. Perhaps, use some colored sugars or a colored egg wash.

Just goes to show even old cooks can still learn a lesson or two.

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Renee said...

They sure look yummy!