Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"A Problem?"

The other night while attempting to put some Christmas decorating greenery on the chandelier - I had a problem.

Let me give you the scenario: I was standing on one of the dining room chairs looping the garland on the fixture. It was not turning out like I was envisioning in my mind. Took that garland down - put up new garland - still didn't look right.

Next thing I knew the chandelier was loose from the ceiling. With all the turning around and around I had unscrewed it from the ceiling fixture part. The only thing holding it from falling were the electrical wires. I grabbed it so it would not break the wires and come crashing down.

Can't remember what I said to Leon but it was enough for him to get out of his recliner and come to my rescue immediately. First of all, he stood on a chair - but could not reach where he needed to be. The dining room table is so heavy he did not want to take time to move it - plus there was not enough area in the dining room to move it completely out of the way. So he just climbed on to the middle of the table (in his stocking feet) and was able to screw it back into the base.

Once this was completed he told me it would probably be a good idea to "not decorate the chandelier". I got the point!

Lesson learned: Be sure husband is always in hollering distance when standing on chair.


eonyc said...

Yay for Leon!! And thank goodness you can holler. ;)

Renee said...

You must've done a lot of turning! :)

Lori said...

What a funny story!

bj said...

WOW...sure glad Leon was home!!
I just read yesterday on someone's blog a great way to decorate your chandy. Just put a wreath of greenery on it, wire it (I keep a roll of that fantastic floral wire that's so easy to work with all the time) or tie with twistys and then add a large, red ribbon. They had a pic of it and it is beautiful. You might try that as there would be NO turning and twisting!! lol
Good luck,