Monday, October 15, 2007


Being part of the Centennial Parade was wonderful. Of course, I really realized this when we watched it on television later in the evening. From where we were in the staging area we could only see a few of the floats, balloons, bands etc.

We had a designated place for us to park our car - which was great as it was just a few feet from the VIP center and where the staging for us took place.

Practically just as soon as we (Leon, Max and yours truly) got out of our car Lori Holliday showed up to take us to the VIP center. She was the one from OETA (channel 13) assigned to handle the people associated with Clifford, The Big Red Dog and Curious George. She was great the complete time to make sure we were comfortable and well cared for.

As with a lot of things there will be down time - and this was no exception. But to pass the time we had chairs seated around tables. Cookies of many kinds, fruit trays, and several things to drink were readily available. Plus Lori had picked up sub sandwiches - but we had eaten so we did not partake of this.

Originally we thought we would load in the old car at 1:00 - but it was changed to 2:30. This actually was better as there was really no room once we got in the car. Speaking of the car, we wound up being in a red Model T automobile. Yes, the kind that has to be cranked in the front to start it. It died several times during the course of the parade-so the owner/driver had to get it out and give it a few cranks to get the engine chugging again.

Many of the "important people" were in the room with us that were part of the parade. I was able to get a few pictures. I had camera issues for most of the time though. Once out in the parade area there was no time for pictures.

No, I did not go up and request any special pictures or autographs. My primary misson was to care for Max. Leon had already said his main objective was to care for Max and me. Which, he did very well.

Poor Max...he got tired. Little boys can only take being still so long. Look closely at this picture, that is James Garner just at the top of Max's head. Mr. Garner was the parade grand marshal. The dark haired woman (seated) is Miss Oklahoma 2007 Makenna Smith. The woman wearing the red ball cap and a red shirt (with her back to the camera) is Mr. Garner's private nurse.
This shows more of the "important people". The man in the gray suit with his back to us is football great Billy Sims. To his left is the baseball player Bobby Mercer. The blonde haired lady with red shirt is Stephanie Canada, 2007 Oklahoma Teacher of the year. Far in the back is Mr. Garner and his nurse.
These two handsome guys are my VIP's.

There were others in the room that carry an important status. Among them were Eddie Sutton, Josh White and Steve Owens - all from the sports field. Bryan White, a up and coming country music star sang some while we waiting. Leon said olympic star Shannon Miller was also in the room as well.

We have heard the number of people that viewed the parade along the streets ranged from 175,000 to 220,000. I know from first hand experience there were many.

PS: Hopefully, I can get a picture of us in the parade from Holly as I know she took a couple when we went by her work tent.


Emig Family said...

I'm so glad you were treated so well. I didn't envision the waiting area to be so comfortable. I imagined benches and bottled water at best.

You all did a great job in the parade! The show wouldn't have been the same without you!

tuesday said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, Amelia. It's not often you get a chance to do something like that. I do hope you post a pic of you, Max, and Clifford in that Model T.

bakinbabe said...

Mom and Dad saw you on TV! I am going over to their house to watch....they recorded it on their dvd.

I love reading your blog. And even if you did have problems with your camera, you got some great pics!

eonyc said...

Wait.. like Rockford Files James Garner??? Wow!
I can't wait to see more photos!