Friday, July 06, 2007

Harvest Time

The peaches are ripe! I have put 32 pints in the deep freeze. I have quite a few pints left from previous years, so I will not be putting up any more. Or at least, right now I say I won't. Most people would not mess with them as they are small ones and take alot of work to process. But the taste of the cobbler (with or without ice cream) makes it all worth the labor. This year 's crop did not have any worms at all...which is good. Did have something that I have never experienced before though. The peaches would split along their line - starting at the top and slowly coming down. This may have been from so much rain...just don't know.

Leon picked these squash this morning and said there would be more ready in the next day or so. He also has harvested okra and cucumbers. Only one tomato has been ready for picking now. Won't be long for more as the bushes are loaded and still blooming.

I still have some blackberries in the deep freeze from last year. However, there are some ready to be picked now. I hate to see things go to waste so will probably go pick them in the morning.

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Emig Family said...

They are beautiful colors.