Friday, June 01, 2007

Spending Time With Grandchildren

Grandpa Leon had promised three of the grandchildren he would come and get them to go fishing here at the house. This would all transpire when school was over for the year. They had planned to go last Friday...but the weather was not cooperative. So they decided they would go today - regardless of the weather. He got to their house (near Bowlegs - which is south of Seminole) about 7:40 this morning. Of course, they were ready to go. Junior is 8, Kylie is 12 and Rowdy is 14. The boys definitely wanted to spend all the time fishing- but Kylie was not too keen on spending that much time at the pond. I needed to go to the grocery store so she rode along with me.

Kylie mixing up the dough for the chicken and dumplings we had for lunch. I watched over her shoulder - but she did most of the work. They turned out delcious.

Grandpa Leon taking it easy while the boys were busy baiting, casting and sometimes catching!

Junior is a determined person when it comes to fishing. Both of the boys caught a lot of fish. Only a couple or so would have been large enough to keep and spite of the fact they went thru many many minnows. Leon had bought 3 dozen this morning before they started. Soon after lunch he went for 4 dozen. There might have been a half dozen left when they quit.

A couple of precious boys!

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Emig Family said...

That looks like good fun! I love the sepia picture.