Monday, May 14, 2007

Sifting, Shoveling and Shaking Sand

Leon decided some time ago a sandbox was just what Max "needed" for his 3rd birthday. Of course, we cleared this through Holly and Tony first. Yes, we are several weeks away from his birthday - but thats okay too!

A few days ago we made a trip to Lowe's for lumber and hardware. Then stopped at Atwoods for the tarp to cover the top. Last Monday the building began. Worked on it on Tuesday and finished it off on Wednesday. Some of the hardware did not work as Leon had pictured in his mind on Tuesday so he made a trip into Tecumseh for the proper items. Didn't get enough so made another trip in the afternoon. Things like this happens when you are building something for the first time.

It is made from 4 x 4 pressure treated landscape posts. These are stacked three deep .The bottom is outdoor type plywood. Size is 4 x 8. The canvas top is a water proof style. Weight wise - probably 300 pounds (without sand).This is the way it looked at the beginning.Leon and Tony preparing to move the sandbox from the back of our pickup to the chosen location in the back yard. After moving it they went to Home Depot to get the sand. Put in 30 sacks - which comes out to 1,500 pounds. By this time both Tony and Leon were some what pooped! Max enjoying this new plaything. He already had his dumptrucks, but I "had "to buy him shovels, a rake, and bucket to complete the needed playthings.

Loading up the big dumptruck!
Max is taking a short break from all the sand hauling.
Leon viewing our handiwork and his grandson having so much fun!

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eonyc said...

Awww..he is such a blessed kid! What a neat gift!