Thursday, November 30, 2006

"A Slow Snow Day"

Winter time has definitely arrived. Ice, sleet or snow - just take your pick. With this kind of weather I stay snuggled in the house. Venturing out of the house was not something I did much of today. Early in the morning got the newspaper...took letters (mainly bills) to the mail box, later went back to the mail box to pick up the mail (another bill among the "junk stuff"). Made several trips off the patio to feed the birds. There were many birds out there feasting on the variety of seeds. The cardinals looked so flashy against the white blanketed yard. Only caught a glimpse of one squirrel - guess the squirrels have stored away so many acorns they decided to stay hidden in their warm beds today.

Did finish off all my Christmas cards today - or at least I think they are complete. Some one else may come to mind later on.

I called Larry early this morning (he is Leon's oldest son) and asked him if he would come and light my gas logs in the fire place. I knew he would be going close to the house to go check on his cattle (by the way, he has a set of twin baby calves). Like a true great man he came by around 4:00 and accomplished the designated task. Leon had planned to do it earlier but we didn't see the need - with the temps in the 70's it was not on the priority list. I was warm from the heat of the central heating unit - however, if the electricity went out I would need the heat from the gas logs.

These appear to be frozen solid!

Pretty - don't you agree?

Now if only Leon was home with me ---then it would be much much better. He will have his usual run from Tulsa to Dallas and then back again. I am praying to God to keep a band of angels around him for protection.

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Emig Family said...

Tony wants to find a lantern like this one. Or five of them.