Friday, May 26, 2006

Things That Add to My Happiness!

Molly, a mallard duck, comes right up in the back yard to eat from the bird seed we put out for all the many birds in the back yard. She has a partner - Matthew - however, he is not as adventurous as Molly and stays near the pond.

This is Ethel (Leon named her several years ago) when she and Fred (who was a meal to a coyote about three weeks ago) started coming around in the early spring. This is the first time we have been able to watch the growth of the babies. These goslings are about four weeks old. Ethel is such a good mother - she is so patient with them. They come to the house several times a day to eat. Of all the geese we have seen she is only one that has a white circle around her neck. I jokingly say she is wearing her pearls like a true lady!


Renee said...

I want a goose and babies to live in my backyard too! I love seeing all of the little animals around your house. Very neat.

M & K said...

Makes me think of the geese I had as a kid. Nice memory!